About Kwintet

The Kwintet strategy is based on a passion for working people and the clothing they wear to work. Through an intimate understanding of what they do, we can actively contribute to their performance, safety and wellbeing by dressing them for the specific task in hand.

By combining rigorous methodology and data-driven insights with some of the most creative minds in the industry, we create products that strengthen the bond between our customers and our brands. Literally millions of people wear our garments at work every day and we are proud to help them reach their full potential by wearing clothing they feel confident and comfortable working in.

Kwintet is currently a €600 million+ group, with a diverse international portfolio of brands and products that reach customers, wherever and whenever they need them. With our expertise in the development and distribution of professional clothing across a huge customer base, we have built a sustainable foundation for continued long-term success.

Our extensive sourcing and global supply chain means we are able to combine cost efficiency with a high level of service, whilst executing the needs of each and every market we serve. This highly diversified network has allowed us to extend our reach around the world and provide workwear solutions that are tailored to meet the most stringent requirements of any industry.

As a market leader we continue to set standards within our industry for quality, comfort, development and service. We currently offer a strong portfolio of well-known international workwear brands such as Fristads Kansas, Wenaas, Lafont, Bragard, Clinic Dress, Djupvik, Acode and B&C. In addition, we offer bespoke Kwintet solutions, with local service on a global scale, developing and producing tailor-made Corporate Wear Collections.